9_30_2022 response to Mike McFeely

Ken Lucier

I am Ken Lucier, a candidate for the Moorhead School Board. I would like to thank Mr.McFeely for recently reminding voters again that I am a Christian and a defender of our State and Federal Constitution. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I like most Americans believe in the rule of law and the golden rule. Many of our civil and criminal laws are founded on the Judeo-Christian tradition.

I am a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, and have taken an oath to protect and defend the State and Federal Constitution several times as a military NCO, Officer and federal employee. That oath is for life. I will do my best to honor it. The compact is the glue that binds our republic, and as a piece of paper cannot defend itself.

Mr.Mcfeely apparently is unaware that not only the holy scriptures, but Minnesota statute clearly state that parents have primary responsibility for educating and upbringing their children. I will advocate for a parents bill of rights in our public schools to include greater transparency as to what the students are being taught, and how to control that. I agree with the current policy that controls how age inappropriate and offensive material is removed from the libraries.This includes child pornography, and any other material that encourages any type of illegal behavior. I will hold the superintendent accountable for executing any governing policy passed by the Board.

Science is clear that people are created male or female. I will advocate for a policy that forbids teaching students that gender is a spectrum of identities. I will also advocate for an unambiguous policy that forbids teaching that affirms that the United States is a systemically racist nation. Nobody should be judged by their race, gender, disability or cultural background. I am confident these standards represent the mainstream of our community.

Lastly, I have been endorsed by the Minnesota Parents Alliance, and also the Child Protection PAC. I ask for your support and your vote.