"I'm running as a Christian": Moorhead School Board Candidate says district needs to change curriculum


Do you want a society guided by morality or immorality? What we teach our kids today determines the world we live in tomorrow.

Nikki Pollock knows what it is to stand on a firm foundation even when everyone around her chooses otherwise. As a single mother, Nikki knows the challenges and rewards of parenting and the proper role of schools - to both educate and cultivate character of students.


(Moorhead, MN) -- One local School Board Candidate is sharing their religious perspectives, and what role those experiences will play in her decision making process.

Moorhead School Board Candidate Nikki Pollock is working together with two other candidates, Lisa Hahn and Ken Lucier, to lead public school educators in the district. Pollock highlights a perspective she wishes to bring to the school board.

"I'm running as a Christian, " said Pollock, "I'm going to run as a pronounced Christian. I'm going to use a bible verse, and it's Matthew 7:20 'by their fruit you shall know them'...What my moral compass, and what I want to do, is produce good kids, produce good fruit, get joy, kindness, goodness, faithfulness - all of that kind of stuff. I want to see coming out of the kids."

Pollock asserts the district is shifting away from Moorhead's community values. Pollock, along with Hahn and Lucier, are running to "Advance education, NOT indoctrination", according to a release sent by the three candidates. Pollock says the school is focusing on the wrong topics, and is urging parents to make their voices heard.

"I want the Moorhead School Board to start heading back into the direction that it was years ago, when they taught actual social studies and when they didn't identify everything by either their gender or their race."

Moorhead's School Board election is on November 8th, 2022. You can learn more about voting in Moorhead by clicking here

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July 15, 2022 - 6:16pm | By Ty Schonert