Candidacy Filing Announcement

KLN Filing


MOORHEAD, MN – On August 2nd, 2022, Ken Lucier, Lisa Hahn and Nikki Pollock filed for Moorhead School Board, ISD 152.  There are three open positions and this team is working together to fill those spots.
Come meet the candidates!  August 4th, 5:00pm is Moorhead Cruise Night behind the Moorhead mall.  We will have a tent set up and look forward to connecting more with our community!
Ken Lucier has lived in Moorhead for over 40 years with his wife Lois.  They are the proud parents of four adult children and have 20 surviving grandchildren.
Ken states, “I am deeply concerned with the direction our recent Boards have taken us. Like Lisa and Nikki, I will advocate for more parental involvement and less government control of what we teach, and do not teach. There will be NO mask mandates or other non-incidental student health care decisions made by the Board or staff if we are elected.
I will personally strongly advocate for a policy that forbids any district employee from advising a minor student as to what they should do if they have become pregnant.”
Lisa Hahn and her husband, Edwin Hahn, have lived in Moorhead for the past four years, advocating for the freedoms and Constitutional rights of We the People.  Lisa brings a grit with her that will not back down from social pressures, skewed media reporting, and rampant lies that come upon those who stick their neck out for the cause of liberty.
“What we teach our kids today, is the world we will live in the next 20 years.  Instead of focusing on race and gender in the classroom, we need to focus on team building through educational projects & presentations that inspire creative and critical thinking skills.”
Only 29% of Moorhead graduates are “college ready” according to the Moorhead 2020-2021 Annual Report.  “We need to look at WHY that number is so low and how we can do better.”
Nikki Pollock grew up in Moorhead and graduated as a Spud!  She is a mother who loves Jesus, loves to garden, take care of abandoned dogs and makes her own miniature waterfalls!
Nikki is running as a Chrisitan and basing her platform on the Bible verse, Matthew 7:20 - “By their fruit you shall know them.”  She says, “Good kids produce good fruit, such as joy, kindness, patience, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.”  When kids exhibit these attributes, they are better prepared to face life’s challenges, be resilient to social pressures, and disciplined to learn.
Our community taxpayers and voters will be who we report to, and together we will move this district back in the right direction for our stakeholders, especially our students.  It is time for a change of district leadership. We are the family choice. Kids' lives matter. Vote for Nikki Pollock, Lisa Hahn and Ken Lucier this November 8.